Friday, January 23, 2015

S.O.C.O. On Abs-Cbn Revisits The Recent Killing Of A 27-Year-Old Woman In Baguio City

On January 7, 2014, residents of barangay Loakan Proper in Baguio City woke up to the tragic news that one of the residents in the area have been murdered. Buena Sol Arro, 27 years old, was found lifeless by her boyfriend in her rented apartment in said barangay. She was stuffed inside a large traveling suitcase and hidden in a cabinet under the kitchen sink.

The suspects in the case have been identified by the Baguio City Police as Jareas Atiwag Simeon (21 years old) and Jennifer Jacaban Romero (25 years old). Simeon and Romero live in the same apartment with the victim. According to the police report, Arro tried collecting house rent from Jacaban but the latter didn't have the money. An argument ensued which then turned into a physical fight. During the confrontation, Jacaban called Simeon for help. Simeon then allegedly grabbed a metal pipe and hit Arro in the head with it.

Jaime Rodrigo Leal of the Baguio City Police crime laboratory told the media that the injuries incurred by Arro in the head were the cause of her death. The two suspects have been arrested and they admitted committing the act. They've been charged with murder and theft.

S.O.C.O. (Scene of the Crime Operatives), a television program on ABS-CBN will revisit the case in an episode that will be aired on January 23 at 4:45 pm. The show will be hosted by regular host Gus Abelgas.
Image credit: S.O.C.O. Facebook page.
Arro hails from the town of Sison in Pangasinan. She worked as an operator at one of the companies within the Baguio City Economic Zone. She is described by some of her friends as fun-loving and always telling jokes. 

In a tribute video posted on YouTube, Gian Paul Dolojo, a former classmate of Arro, wrote, "She makes people happy by being herself. She loves to have fun. She loves to tell jokes. She is quite a bundle of laughs. She is the life of the party. She amuses you. When she's around, expecting she'll often burst into laughter. Her infectious and distinctively loud laugh reverberates in the room. She is in the moment. Her presence is undeniable. She is an energy you would love to always be around."