About (FAQ)

What is The Cordilleran Sun?
It's a blog started in February 2014. It shouldn't be confused with mainstream media. Majority of the articles and posts that appear here are tinged with opinions. In other words, the articles and posts are often critical and opinionated. Of course, that doesn't mean that balanced and bias-free reporting is thrown completely out of the window. We strive to keep the information we post here accurate and true. However, as we don't have the resources and access privileges of mainstream media outlets, we usually get our information from other news outlets. With that said, we highly recommend that you digest information we present in this blog with a grain of salt.

Who writes the content published in The Cordilleran Sun?
Majority of the content here are written by Daniel Feliciano. Sometimes, articles from contributors are published here. When this happens, the article will have a byline which will feature either the name or the alias (whichever is preferred) of the contributor. Click here to see an example of a contributed piece. If a contributor prefers to be anonymous, we'll identify the piece as an "Anonymous Contribution" Every now and then, we also post press releases. When this happens, we'll identify the piece as a press release at the very beginning of the article.

Is The Cordilleran Sun a newspaper?
No. It's only a blog and we don't have a print version.

How do I contribute an article, photo, or video for the blog?
It's simple. Just go to our Contact page, get the email address provided there, then send us your contributions. Include in your submission your name (or a nickname/alias if you prefer to be anonymous) and other information you deem necessary.