Thursday, January 8, 2015

Woman In Loakan Proper, Baguio City Killed And Robbed By Her Own Board Mates

The start of the new year has been tragic for a family in Sison, Pangasinan. Alexander Arro and his wife Soledad received the news on Wednesday (January 7) that their only daughter Buena Sol who resides in Baguio City has been found dead in her apartment in Loakan Proper.

Her body was stuffed inside a traveling suitcase and hidden under her apartment's sink. Her very own board mates have been identified as the suspects. According to a news report by ABS-CBN, Arro's two board mates hit her at the back of her head. Dr. Jaime Rodrigo Leal of the Baguio City Police's crime lab stated that the traumatic injury to Arro's head was the cause of her death.

"Cause of death is blunt, traumatic head injuries. Yung pipe consistent naman sa injuries ng biktima", said Dr. Leal.

Based on the police's initial investigation, the incident was caused by arguments between Arro and her board mates with regards to the payment of their apartment's rent. The Baguio police believe that Arro was killed on Monday (January 5).
A street in Baguio City. The Cordilleran Sun file photo.
The two suspects who have not been identified by the police also took some of the victim's belongings including a laptop, mobile phones, a digital camera, and some cash. The gadgets were recovered from the suspects. As to the cash, they said they've already spent it.

The suspects are now under the custody of the Baguio police and they will be charged with homicide and theft.