Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 Dead, 3 Injured When A Truck Fell Off A Ravine In Pinukpuk, Kalinga

Two persons died while three others were injured when the vehicle they were riding fell off a sharp ravine somewhere in barangay Allaguia in the municipality of Pinukpuk in the province of Kalinga. The road accident happened last November 9.

The two fatalities have been identified as Vicente Caowil Banatao (45 years old) and Camilo Caowil Banatao (63 years old). Those who escaped with injuries were Emilio Elat Banatao (72 years old), Mark Banatao (25 years old), and Reynold Gonayon Banatao (27 years old).

Emilio Banatao who also happens to be the barangay captain of Allaguia was reportedly behind the wheel of the mini-dump truck when it swerved off the road. The truck came from sitio Calao and was on its way to the Allaguia Elementary School. The truck was carrying sand, lumber and other construction materials which were to be used in repairing the school house.

The truck was navigating through a sloping portion of the road when the driver lost control of the brakes. The truck then rammed through a road parapet and fell off the road. The crash victims were immediately rushed to the nearest provincial hospital but Vicente and Camilo were declared dead on arrival. The survivors were treated of their injuries.