Friday, January 20, 2017

3-Days/2-Nights Art And Music Fair To Be Held In Sagada This Coming April

Local organizers in Sagada, in cooperation with the Henry V. Moran Foundation and alumni of the St. Mary's School, are in the thick of polishing the details of an art and music fair to be held at the highland town from April 28 to 30. The event is offering three days and two nights of activities that revolve around art and music. Visual artists, musicians, and bands will be invited to participate. The fair is the first of its kind to be held in the tourist town.

The organizers are yet to release the lineup of musicians and visual artists who will be involved in the fair. However, they say that participants can expect to see anywhere between ten to twenty artists and bands in the duration of the three-day event. Early bird tickets cost 2,000 pesos each. This amount will be for the tickets only. It doesn't cover accommodation or your expenses during your stay in town.

The planned fair has the trappings of a good event. You get to enjoy art and music while basking in Sagada's natural wonders. It's also commendable that the organizers are enforcing a "no bed, no ticket" policy. This ensures that the town doesn't get choked by an influx of people who have nowhere to stay. To make the "no bed, no ticket" policy work, the organizers partnered with over two dozen inns and lodges in Sagada. And that's a good thing.

For your queries and for additional information about the Sagada Art and Music Fair, you may visit the event's official Faebook page here.
Photo credit: caitriana via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]