Thursday, July 30, 2015

Number Of Soldiers Killed By Rebels In Pinukpuk, Kalinga Rise To 4

The number of government soldiers who perished after getting ambushed by communist guerrillas in the town of Pinukpuk in Kalinga has risen to four when one of those wounded passed away while being treated in the hospital. The name of the fourth fatality has yet to be identified.

It can be recalled that on the evening of July 27, government troops belonging to the 51st Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) and the 50th Infantry Battalion were attacked by rebels while traversing a road along Allangigan in barangay Apatan in said town. The soldiers were on their way back to their tactical command posts after conducting a bayanihan operation in Poswoy, Balbalan.

The troops were aboard two trucks when an improvised explosive device (IED) was detonated near them. A exchange of gunfire ensued and lasted for around two hours. The soldiers estimated that they may have encountered more or less 30 guerrillas.

One of the soldiers died the moment the IED was detonated. Two were declared dead on arrival when the wounded were rushed to a hospital. The fourth fatality passed away while being treated in the hospital.
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Those who died were identified as Sgt. Daryl Amiling, Pfc. Bryan Massaga, and Sgt. Benjie Palliw (plus the one who is yet to be named).  Those who were wounded are Cpl. Diony O. Pataksil, Pfc Raymund D. Vasquez, Pfc Henry R. Coloma III, Pfc Ryan F. Guerero, Pfc Dante M. Mauricio, Pfc Lunes B. Ambatang, Pfc Jomar C. Gammad, Pfc Richard R. Bartolome, Pfc Julio S. Mabanag, Pfc Gilbert T. Ramirez, Pfc Erneso O. Roque Jr and Pfc Jose B. Gayudan.