Thursday, April 9, 2015

What Are The Odds That This Exposed Tree In Baguio City Will Survive?

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is in the thick of rehabilitating the streets of Baguio City. To the chagrin of locals, tourists, and motorists, the agency decided to rip apart dozens of sections of the city's streets. This caused a lot of headaches as the roadworks led to heavy vehicular traffic. People can't do anything but scratch their heads as to why the department ripped up the roads all at the same time and why roads that seem to be in good condition had to be dug up.

The DPWH simply stuck cotton buds into its ears and continued with the projects. This is of course a good thing because the situation would've been worse had they suddenly left the heavy machinery in the roads and devote their time to explaining why they had to dig up at least 50 road sections in one go.

In the end, the rehabilitation of the roads is for the good of the city. However, it would've been nice if the powers-that-be proceeded one section at a time so as not to cause regular traffic gridlocks in the city. And they should have informed the concerned barangays so that the necessary preparations and measures to inform the public were implemented.

The projects also affected some trees in the city. Like the one in the photo below taken somewhere near Botanical Garden and Pacdal. What's mind-boggling about this particular tree is that the contractors decided to let it stand even though its base has already been exposed. This is not to mention the fact that the tree seems to be obstructing the road and sidewalk.
Image credit: Guia Limpin
Taking into account the current situation of the tree, I think it has but a few weeks or months to live. At this point, it's to the best interest of the city and the people that it be removed. The way it is exposed, a strong wind can topple it down thus endangering the properties and people near it.

To my understanding, the DPWH should be consulting with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) with regards to trees that will be affected by the projects. I'd like to believe that they did and that the recommendation is that this particular tree be taken down. I just don't see it living long considering its condition. And given its proximity to the road and the sidewalk, maybe it's better for it to be gone.