Friday, March 27, 2015

Is The Roadwork In Baguio City To Blame For The Death Of An Emergency Patient During Transport?

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has began implementing rehabilitation works in at least 50 road sections in Baguio City. Needless to say, these roadworks have unleashed inconveniences to motorists and the general public.

People often find themselves late when getting to work or school because of the worsening vehicular traffic. A commute that would normally take minutes can turn into hours. People are obviously getting tired of warming the seats of public utility vehicles longer than they should. And they are lashing out. Facebook is rife with complaints about the problems that the roadworks caused.

Now, whoever is behind the roadworks will have to answer to a report that an emergency patient died in an ambulance while being transported to a hospital. Accordingly, due to the traffic caused by the roadworks, the patient wasn't able to reach the hospital on time.

Clinton Balud, a Baguio-based doctor, got on Facebook to air his concerns about the issue. In a post, he wrote:

"Dear Concerned DPWH mogul responsible for this road mess in Baguio City,
As I feared, a certain patient being brought to a hospital died inside an ambulance en route to a hospital. What's your excuse?
1. That the ambulance driver should have drove to the hospital one hour ahead to avoid traffic delay?
2. That the patient should have heart attack only when the ambulance was near the hospital, so there would be chance revive him/her? 3. Or that hospitals should have a helicopter of their own patient transports?
You have given the ambulance driver undue tension and pressure for trying to reach the hospital on time; at the same time trauma that the patient died in his vehicle during tour of duty. What's your excuse?
Moreover, who should explain to the patient's relatives that the patient didn't make it to the hospital on time, the driver? Or shouldn't it be YOU?"
Dear Concerned DPWH mogul responsible for this road mess in Baguio City,As I feared, a certain patient being brought...
Posted by Clinton Balud on Thursday, March 26, 2015
Image credit: Philippine Information Agency - Cordillera