Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hold Your Horses DOT, The Cordillera Region Ain't Autonomous Yet

First of all, a shoutout to fellow Redditor kenroubii for bringing this to our attention. The official website of the Department of Tourism's It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign is referring to CAR as the Cordillera Autonomous Region instead of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Below is a screenshot.

It's most likely that this is an honest mistake. After all, we are in the "autocorrect generation". However, since the website has been up for quite some time, we have the feeling that the error has been around for just as long and the administrators of the website never bothered to fix it. Or maybe, they just have the impression that "autonomous" is the correct term. Or maybe, they think that the two terms mean the same thing.

Anyway, there's a huge difference between the two terms. And it should've been corrected by now. This region hasn't attained autonomy yet and by the looks of it, it might never do. Well, here's to hoping that somebody who works in the DOT or knows of someone who does sees this and do something about it.