Sunday, March 9, 2014

Father And Daughter In Kalinga Returns Canon Camera Worth Php18,000

Here's a story worth emulating. Last week, Eisenhower Jensen, a public utility multicab driver and his ten-year old daughter Shakira were on their way to market in Tabuk, Kalinga when they saw a purple backpack left by a passenger in the vehicle. Opening the bag, they found a wallet, a coin purse, some clothes and a digital camera worth Php18,000. As they can't find any way of identifying the owner of the bag, father and daughter brought it to two local radio stations the following day (Radyo ng Bayan and Radyo Natin).

The radio stations announced on air that whoever owns the missing bag can claim it from Jensen at the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO) at the Tabuk City Hall where he currently works as a job order employee. He only drives his multicab during his spare hours.

Three men went to the POSO office to claim the bag but Jensen didn't give it to them as they were not able to identify the color of the bag. The real owner turned out to be Daphne Agtina Damian, a student at the Tabuk City National High School. Ms. Damian explained that she lost the bag thinking that she has left it in Bulanao.

Anyway, cheers to Jensen and his young daughter. Let us be inspired by their acts of kindness and honesty. As we often say to good people doing good deeds, "Matago-tago kayo."

On a side note, the three men who tried to claim the bag even though it wasn't theirs, shame on them. Just a quick question for experts on the law out there: Is there a crime attributable to claiming lost things that aren't yours? Because what these men tried to do is just sick. Here's a lost bag returned by honest people who found it and then here's a group of men trying to claim it even though it's not theirs. Talk about taking advantage of honest people.

Anyway, here's Jensen and his daughter Shakira. We salute you. Keep up the good work. The whole story of their act of honesty can be found here.
Photo Source: Tabuk City Facebook page