Monday, February 3, 2014

Igorot Ka? Danugen Ka Nu Igorot Ka!

Here's one little interesting story. You could say it's a tragedy. You could say it's comedy. Or you could say it's both. Whatever way you see it, you can't deny the humorous aspect of it.

In the latest issue of the Baguio Chronicle, the following story appeared in the Police Blotter: Crime Chronicles section:
A taxi driver was beat up by his passenger after insulting him and other Igorots. According to a worker of the Baguio General Hospital who listened to the taxi driver, the passenger flagged down the taxi along Naguilian Road in Baguio City at around 11 in the evening of January 24. The 23-year old passenger asked the 45-year old driver, "Igorot ka? Danugen ka nu Igorot  ka." (Are you Igorot? I will punch you if you say you are Igorot.") The driver was quiet but after a few minutes he was punched by the passenger in the face twice. the driver also hit the passenger but the driver had a laceration in his nasal bridge.
Well, there you go. We don't know as to why the guy did it. It's a rather incomplete report but at least we know that the guy has something against Igorots. Indeed, it would be interesting to know what that something is. He was jilted by a Kapangan beauty, maybe. Or he got tired of Garth Brooks tunes.
photo by b-learn