Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bus Falls In Talubin, Bontoc; 14 Reportedly Dead And 29 Injured

Details are still sketchy but recent reports coming from Bontoc are saying that at least 14 people died when a bus figured in a road accident in the capital town of Mt. Province. A passenger bus identified as a Florida bus coming from Sampaloc in Manila fell off a 500-meter ravine somewhere in barangay Talubin in Bontoc, Mt. Province. The accident happened about 7:20 am (Friday morning) in sitio Pagang.

Among those who perished are comedian Arvin "Tado" Jimenez, a Canadian, a woman from the Netherlands and two children.

Senior Superintendent Oliver Enmodias, director of the Mt. Province Police has stated that 14 people died on the accident site. He added that rescue operations are still ongoing.

The bus which has the plate number TXT-872 was carrying between 40 to 47 passengers. Injured passengers were taken to the Bontoc General Hospital. Some of those injured who can't be treated at the BGH might be taken to other hospitals.

The fatalities as provide by the police only refers to those who perished on the accident site.

Update: Fatalities has climbed to 18. Superintendent Davy Limmong of the Police Regional office Cordillera (PRO-Cor) stated that they are still in the process of confirming the names of the victims.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. Weather was fine so the authorities are looking into mechanical problems or human error on the part of the driver.

The 29 passengers who were injured were as follows (Source: GMA News):

1.   Edgar Renon (driver), 30 years old
2.  Jerymiah Agnapan, 34
3.   Agung Sikam, 7
4.  Silvestre Dawey, 22
5.  Ammelok, 32
6.  Codiamat, 27
7.  Teresita Sawad, 51
8.  Melchor Suagen, 22
9.  Camille Osorio, 28
10. Bernard Bernard, 25
11. Christian Conrado, 34
12. Alexandeer Longlong, 42
13. Kristina De Leon
14. Naty Bang-i, 57
15. Robert Conrado, 45
16. Aby Atin, 24
17. James Posao, 38
18. Carina Hairer, 38
19. Basilan Miluardo, 43
20. Abegail Sikam
21. Edgar Kemon, 30
22. Winsislaw Siano, 30
23. Michael Ligito, 27
24. Dun Chavez, 30
25. Jason Melchor, 38
26. Olivia Aglipay, 27
27. Charlie Santamaria, 32
28. Paeng Cordove, 32
29. A certain brother of Agung Sikam, 4

The names of the fatalities haven't been released yet.

Last updated: February 7, 3.28 P.M.