Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is Baguio City One Of The Most Corrupt When It Comes To DPWH Projects?

In a recent piece for The Manila Times, Rick Ramos who is the executive director of the Citizens Infrastructure Integrity Watchdog (InfraWatch) wrote that Baguio City "holds the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt as far as DPWH projects are concerned". For those who haven't heard about InfraWatch, this is an organization whose main aim is to uncover and expose irregularities and corruption perpetrated by people involved in public infrastructure projects.

Given the way that the DPWH has been handling the roadworks in Baguio City during the last several years, Ramos' assertions have merit. Just look at what is happening in Baguio's streets right now. DPWH has decided to dig up and tear apart dozens of road sections all at the same time thus causing a lot of problems to commuters and motorists. This is not to mention the observation of the majority that a lot of the sections torn apart were still in good condition.

Of course, it would be illogical to immediately cry corruption due to these ill-planned simultaneous projects. But it doesn't look right. Something's fishy. Making matters worse is City Hall's indifference to the outcries of the public. Mayor Mauricio Domogan when asked to comment about the problems caused by the projects simply stated that the projects are by the DPWH not City Hall. Technically, the mayor is right but Mr. Mayor, what are you in power for? Is this another instance of your "There's nothing I can do." statements?

Read Ramos' full article here. It's titled Insanity and Never-Ending Corruption in DPWH. It's enlightening.