Saturday, April 11, 2015

Councilor From Bauko Stabbed To Death By A Relative During A Wake In La Trinidad

When a councilor from the town of Bauko in Mt. Province went to La Trinidad, Benguet to attend the wake of a relative, little did he know that he will also meet his maker in said wake. Theodore Astudillo Lacwasan, the barangay captain of Otucan Sur, Bauko and the president of the municipality's Association of Barangay Councils (this makes Lacwasan a member of the municipal council) passed away after being stabbed multiple times by a relative last Thursday morning during a wake in Tawang, La Trinidad. Lacwasan was 46 years old.

Investigation by the La Trinidad police showed that Lacwasan was sleeping in a taxi when a relative identified as Elmer Cogan Aplaten approached him and stabbed him 21 times. Aplaten, 37 years old, is also from Otucan Sur, Bauko. Aplaten was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

Why did Aplaten do it? Police investigation divulged that the stabbing may have stemmed from an earlier incident wherein the victim punched the younger brother of the suspect during a heated argument, also at the wake.

When Aplaten's younger brother told him about the altercation, the former got angry, got hold of a knife, and attacked Lacwasan. The victim was rushed to the Benguet General Hospital (BGH) but he was declared dead on arrival.

Aplaten has voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. He was accompanied by his father when he turned himself in. He is now being detained at the La Trinidad municipal jail.
A portion of the Halsema Highway that runs through La Trinidad. The Cordilleran Sun file photo.
Lacwasan's remains were brought to the St. Peter Chapel in Baguio City. A mass was held in said chapel in the afternoon of April 10 (Friday). He was then brought home to Bauko in the afternoon of April 11 (Saturday).

Abraham Akilit, mayor of Bauko, was quoted by the Herald Express as saying, "We lost a good leader who had been consistently advocating for genuine public service."