Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baguio City Musician Being Ran Over By An Out-Of-Control Car Caught On CCTV Camera

Last February 11, the city of Baguio lost one of its most talented resident musicians. In the early morning of this tragic day, Raymond "RJ" Tacis, a guitarist and vocalist who regularly performed in several watering holes in the city was ran over by an out-of-control car. The 21-year-old musician and engineering student died on the spot. Making matters worse was the fact that the driver of the red Ford Everest who swiped him on the street decided to speed away and evade accountability.

Fortunately, the car was tracked down by the Baguio police and was found parked somewhere along Marcos Highway. The car didn't have a plate number but it did have a conduction sticker. The driver has also been identified and the authorities are currently investigating as to his whereabouts.

A closed circuit television camera (CCTV) installed near the street where the incident happened also showed that the car was running at a very high speed. The footage which was released to the media shows Tacis alighting from a jeepney in front of the main gate of the Saint Louis University along Bonifacio Street. As he was crossing the pedestrian lane, he glanced to his left and saw the oncoming car. He tried to quickly sprint away to safety but the speeding car got to him.
Words of support and expressions of sympathy from friends and people who have listened to his music poured online. A series of fund-raising concerts were also held at the Concoctions Bar and Resto to celebrate the late musician's life and music.

In an update posted on their Facebook page, Concoctions Bar ad Resto divulged that an amount of at least 100,000 pesos was raised through ticket sales and donations.

Here's the update in full:
"Thank you for helping ‪#‎JusticeForRJ‬ raise P101,500+ through ticket sales and donations. Thank you 18BC, Conflate, Zyver, Kaffe Kleutsch, Bohemian Cafe, and other establishments that participated in this endeavor to celebrate RJ's life and provide assistance to his family.

Thank you to the 60 plus bands who, without a second thought, joined the cause, shared their passion, sacrificed their sets, brought their friends and even bought tickets themselves, eagerly.

To the organizers, coordinators, very energetic ticket booth trustees, hosts, artists, staff and supporters who put together #JusticeForRJ in less than 24 hours and saw the event through. Thank you for breathing life into this event and making sure it gets to where it was set to go. Your efforts will be long remembered, as will you.

To the thousands that attended #JusticeForRJ in one or in several event locations, once or for three days straight, thank you for making RJ and his family feel the warmth of your extended cares. Thank you for reassuring our belief that we are not alone in this cause--definitely not alone, at that.

RJ, you've inspired so many with your life and have brought about a sense of unity that this city has not witnessed for some time with your passing. You couldn't make us prouder to have walked this life with someone like you. You are a hero.

We love you dearly and will miss you sorely. May your spirit live on!"