Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What The La Trinidad Valley Looks Like As Viewed From The Top Of Mt. Jumbo In Tawang

Among the mountains surrounding the town of La Trinidad in Benguet is Mt. Jumbo which is located in barangay Tawang. From the top of said mountain, you can look down at the La Trinidad Valley below.

Below are pictures of what the Valley looks like from atop Mt. Jumbo. To get to Mt. Jumbo, there are three possible points of entry.

1) You can go to sitio Banig in Tawang and ask for directions. 2) You can take a jeepney in Pines Park. There's a jeepney station near the Pines Park bridge which will pass through Lubas, Banig and Tawang. Tell the driver that you're going down in Banig and that you're climbing Mt. Jumbo. 3) You can go to Tawang via Cruz-Tomay.