Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Scenic Views From Atop Mt. Jumbo In La Trinidad, Benguet (Photos)

If you reside within Baguio City or the neighboring town of La Trinidad, you don't need to go very far to get a view of Benguet's rolling hills and jagged mountain peaks. Overlooking the La Trinidad Valley is Mt. Jumbo (referred to by some as Mt. Yangbaw) in barangay Tawang. From the top of the mountain, you can see the town of La Trinidad in almost its entirety below.

From a distance, you can also view neighboring towns. I hiked up Mt. Jumbo very early this morning (around 5 a.m.) hoping to catch the sun as it rises. It rained the night before so with the accumulated clouds in the sky, I was expecting a fiery red sunrise. Unfortunately this didn't happen.

As the dark gave way to light, the clouds quickly dissipated leaving just clumps on the east side from where the sun should rise. It wasn't a wasted morning though as I was able to take several photos of the scenery as light started to envelope the valley and the surrounding mountains and hills. Check them out below.

For photos of the La Trinidad Valley as seen from the top of Mt. Jumbo, go here. Below are directions on how to get there:
1) There's a jeepney station located near the bridge in Pines Park (Km 4). Tell the driver that you will get off at sitio Banig in Tawang. Or better yet, tell the driver that you are going to Mt. Jumbo. This way, he will drop you off right where the trail starts.
2) You can also pass through Tomay/Cruz. Take a Tomay jeepney then tell the driver to drop you off at the junction road leading to Tawang. Just hike for a little bit up the road then ask any resident to point you to where the trail starts.
3) Or you can hike from Km 5, pass through Balili, reach Tawang, and from there find the start of the trail.