Monday, January 13, 2014

"Sa dami ng tao na magkakagusto sayo, IGOROT pa."

Here we go again. It's no secret that non-Igorots have tons of misconceptions about us Igorots. To name a few: we run around in the forest naked with only our bahags to conceal our netherparts, we live in trees, we are dark-skinned, and we are inferior when it comes to the looks department. There's more but now isn't the time for list-building.

Anyway, a man just recently posted on Facebook something that could quite raise your blood pressure a bit. He posted "Sa Damin ng Tao na magkakagusto sayo IGOROT pa, siguro nga totoo yang sinasabi nilang Kanyaw. How sad naman na ganun lang mangyayari sayo, sana nga lang pinili mo talaga ng buong puso mo, nadadaya pati ako hahaha. - Feelling ko na hit and run ako ng thirdeyeblind." (sic)

The post is really not that clear as to what the man is trying to say. The reference to the kanyaw (canao) doesn't make much sense. However, he implies that he's disappointed, or pissed, or hurt that an Igorot liked, or loved someone. Like an Igorot man or woman isn't qualified to do so.
The last sentence may be referring to the song My Hit and Run by Third Eye Blind, an American alternative rock band. The song narrates a person getting hit by a car and seeing a loved one amid the crash. If any of these things mean anything at all.

Anyway, it's a stupid thing to post and the man should've thought twice, or thrice before posting it. Igorots do fall in love. And they can do so with anyone, Igorot or otherwise.