Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tallupak or Togwak

This was a very common practice years ago. Weddings and other community events often use cut banana stalks as plates. Nowadays, it's rare to see these being used. Plastic and paper plates are now the preferred option. And it's understandable since these are easier to procure and replenish.

So it's always nice to go to an event and see this old practice revived. It brings back childhood memories of lining up with your friends to receive your banana stalk plate that's overflowing with rice, pork, pansit, and dinardaraan.

We call this tallupak in Kankana-ey although there are variations of the term used. Some call it ubbak. Some call it tebwak. The Ifugaos call it either togwak or todlak.

What do you call this in your place?