Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Haldak of the Ifugaos

The haldak is a traditional storage shelf that used to be common in Ifugao homes. It's a long thick slab of flat wood at the center of which are carved protrusions which serve both as decorations and hangers. The designs of these carved protrusions often resemble animals like pigs, dogs, monitor lizards, and turtles.

When installed in an Ifugao home, usually pinned to a wall, the haldak is installed flat with the carved designs on the underside. So the animals look like they are hanging upside down. The upper surface of the haldak serves as a shelf for jars, palay, and other household items. The underside of the haldak serves as hangers for baskets and other items.

Many of these haldaks are still in use to this day. However, many have also been sold to antique dealers and collectors.