Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Climbs In Mt. Pulag Fully Booked Until December Of This Year

If you are planning to climb Mt. Pulag on a Saturday or Sunday, you will have to wait until 2017. This is because the Mt. Pulag National Park has just released an advisory through their official Facebook page that all Saturdays and Sundays of the year (2016) have already been booked. That said, the park's management is advising interested climbers to schedule their ascent on a weekday. Or better yet, call the park at 09291668864 to check for available dates.

Also, it's unlikely that all of those who booked weekends are going to push through with their ascent. Cancellations are inevitable. So if you really are adamant in summiting the famous mountain on a Saturday or Sunday this year, you should make it a point to contact the park regularly to check on new openings.
Source: Google Maps