Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After Hiker's Death, People With Heart Ailments Warned Against Climbing Mt. Pulag

The management of the Mt. Pulag National Park has issued an advisory warning people with heart ailments and related illnesses to think twice and procure medical clearances from authorized physicians before they climb the famed mountain that towers 2,922 meters above sea level.

In a bulletin posted on their official Facebook page, the park's management said that, "Mt. Pulag National Park is such a beautiful destination but it requires physical and mental preparation before ascent. In line with this, all organizers and trekkers are advised to have medical clearance or certificate before ascent to the park. People with heart ailments and other ailments are discouraged to come to the park without medical certificate/clearance from authorized physicians."

The advisory came just days after it was reported that a hiker died on the mountain on November 6 (Friday) due to cardiac arrest. Edna Ocampo Villanueva, a 51-year-old climber from Quezon City was reportedly found in her tent unconscious. She was rushed by Kabayan policemen to a hospital in the nearby town of Bokod but she was declared dead on arrival by an attending physician.

This is not the first time that an incident of this nature occurred in the mountain. Back in October last year, a certain Rogelio Canceran also perished on the slopes of the mountain due to a heart attack.

In a nutshell, always see to it that you are physically fit before you even plan on climbing the mountain. People who have heart ailments but still want to climb can check out this simple guide for a start.
Image from Google Maps.