Friday, October 16, 2015

Michael Lawana Cancels His Certificate Of Candidacy For Baguio City Vice-Mayor

Michael Lawana, the President of the Baguio City Association of Barangay Councils and Baguio City ex-officio Councilor, has cancelled his certificate of candidacy for Vice-Mayor. Lawana posted on Facebook a photo of the COC with the word "cancelled" written over it in big bold letters. Had Lawana pursued the position, he would be up against five other candidates namely Fred Bagbagen, Betty Lourdes Tabanda, Jeffrey Pinic, Edison Bilog, and Isabelo Cosalan.

In the same post, Lawana implied that he will be preparing for the 2019 elections. Here's what the ABC President wrote:
"Running for office is not only a big commitment on my part but also of my family as I have planned to run for public office this 2016.However,after deep and anxious consideration of many emotions and reactions especially from my family,friends,supporters and my staff on the correctness of my course of action-with HUMILITY,I opted not to engage and run for any office.

This decision was also founded from two important respect to my senior colleagues in the political realm--I'll give my support to them,with great hope that they will perform well should they be given the mandate from God and the electorate;and 2.there remains a lot things to be done in the 128 barangays in the City of Baguio--to the barangay leaders who braved to venture in this political exercise,I salute you and deserves my commendation and support.Thank you very much and God Bless the City of Baguio!"
Image source: Michael Lawana via Facebook.