Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thanks To Google Street View, You Can Now Climb And Explore Mt. Pulag Without Actually Going There

If I am to tell you that you can explore the majestic slopes and peaks of Mt. Pulag without setting a foot there, you'd think I ain't right in the head. Well, you're wrong and I'm right. Thanks to Google's revolutionary mapping technology, you can experience the grandeur of the famous mountain in the comforts of your home (or office, for that matter). You can sit on your swivel chair, sip on a can of Mountain Dew, and munch on Corn Bits as the grassy slopes and cloud-rich vistas unfold before you.

Of course, it's a million times better to be actually there and hear the grass crunch under your feet or feel the hypothermia-inducing air crawl across your skin. But if trudging over there is off the menu, exploring the place using Google Street View is the next best option. So how do you do it? Easy peasy. Just head over to Google Street View: Mount Pulag or and search for Mount Pulag. You can now enjoy 360-degree panoramas created by a Google team who actually went there and took the high-quality shots.

Search giant Google announced this month that the Street View feature will be live on Google Maps in the country. Dozens of well-known tourist destinations in the country now have their own street views which people can easily access online. In Baguio City alone, there are street views for Mines View Park, the Baguio Cathedral, and Burnham Park.

How good is Google's virtual tour of Mt. Pulag? Below is a screenshot. You be the judge.
Image credit: a screenshot from Google Maps Street View