Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baguio City Folks Cover Session Road With Chalk Drawings To Celebrate Charter Day

The iconic stretch of Session Road in Baguio City that runs from the intersection in front of the Maharlika Livelihood Center to the Post Office Loop just below the SM shopping center was turned into an art canvas today (September 1) by residents and tourists. People from all walks of life - kids as young as two years old, teenagers, college students, and even senior citizens - clutched at colored chalk sticks as they made their marks on the dry pavement.

Walking down the street, you'll get to see their handiwork. Names written using 2D letters. Monsters with crazy grins. Women with flowing golden hair. Anime characters. I saw one bespectacled girl scribbling Albert Einstein's famous equation E=mc2.

The chalk drawing exercise is part of the celebrations commemorating the city's Charter Day Anniversary. Baguio was declared a chartered city on September 1, 1909. This year's commemoration carried the theme "Nurturing the culture of caring and sharing towards competitiveness." A civic parade and a program were held during the day. The day was capped off by a fireworks display at the Melvin Jones Football Grounds. Below are some of the photos we took at Session Road earlier this afternoon.