Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baguio City Taxi Driver Promptly Returns An iPhone 6 Left In His Taxi To Rightful Owner

During the last few months, taxi drivers in Baguio City suffered a barrage of negative publicity because of news about drivers robbing or attempting to rob their passengers. Of drivers being rude to their passengers. And of drivers allegedly using a "spray modus" to incapacitate their passengers with the intention of stealing from them or even molesting them.

Whether these cases turned out to be true or not, they still placed a lot of commuters on edge. Some people who used to take cabs are now taking jeepneys because of the fear that they'll end up flagging down a cab with a bad driver. Needless to say, the whole fleet of taxi drivers in Baguio City are bearing the brunt of the bad publicity caused by a few bad apples within their ranks.

That said, it is with a sigh of relief that we welcome the story of an honest taxi driver who promptly returned an expensive smartphone left in his cab by a passenger. In a post on Facebook, Bruce Ganaban Limmayog narrated how one of his students left her iPhone 6 smartphone in a cab. When they called the phone, the driver answered that he was at a police station in Pacdal waiting for them to call.
Image credit: Bruce Limmayog via Facebook.
Limmayog and his student proceeded to the police station in Pacdal and indeed there was Vic Serran, the driver, waiting for them. So all is good. Kudos to this driver. Read Limmayog's full Facebook post here. If you're wondering how much an iPhone 6 costs here in the Philippines, prices range from 36,000 pesos to 48,000 pesos depending on whether it's 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB.