Monday, July 27, 2015

Baguio City Residents Warned Of Fire Extinguisher Scam Modus By 'Unscrupulous Individuals'

The Baguio City Fire Station has released a public advisory informing residents in the city of a modus by some "unscrupulous individuals" who trick people into buying fire extinguishers from them by pretending to be employees or representatives of the Baguio City Fire Station.

Below is a copy of the public advisory:

"Due to the enormous complaints being received by the Baguio City Fire Station concerning the sale of fire extinguishers by some unscrupulous individuals who use the name of the Baguio City Fire Station and who pretend to be members of the same, this office would like to inform the public especially owners of business establishments, boarding houses and the like, that the leadership of the Baguio City Fire Station do not authorize nor in any way allow any person other than the Fire Safety Inspectors of the Baguio City Fire Station to conduct fire safety inspection and/or to require fire extinguishers and other fire protection appliances on business establishments/boarding houses within the City of Baguio.

Under Republic Act 9514 or the Fire Code of the Philippines, only the fire safety inspectors of the Bureau of Fire Protection are the ones authorized to recommend whether a fire extinguisher is due for refilling and has the capacity to determine not only the required number of fire extinguisher in a certain establishment but also the proper selection of the kind of fire extinguisher applicable to a given situation and not the dealer or supplier. This after a fire safety inspection is conducted.

In this regard, we are appealing to the public to be vigilant and know the persons whom they are dealing with by asking for their identification card or by immediately reporting the same to the Baguio City Fire Station with telephone numbers 442-2222/443-7089 and or contact directly the City Fire Marshal with his cell number 0919-994-4147."
Image credit: Wikipedia Commons.