Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adivay Festival Huts In La Trinidad, Benguet All Burned Down To The Ground

All of the huts that were used during the Adivay Festival last year have burned to the ground last Saturday (January 31). The thirteen huts which were used by the thirteen municipalities of Benguet in displaying their local products during the duration of the festival last year were not taken down after the festival concluded with the hope that they can still be used for this year's edition of the festival. Well, this will no longer be the case as all the huts have turned into ashes.

Local fire departments and volunteer groups rushed to the place to put off the fire. But the fire was quick in consuming the huts as they were all made from cogon grass, wood and bamboo. Below are photos of the incident. All photos courtesy of the Highland Emergency Action and Response Team Cordillera (HEART).