Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mt. Pulag National Park Issues Advisory Saying Weekend Climbs Are Fully Booked From January To April

Here's a bit of bad news for mountain climbers and trekkers who are planning to climb Mt. Pulag on any of the weekends in the next four months. The Mt. Pulag National Park has issued an advisory through its official Facebook page that weekend climbs are fully booked from the month of January to April.

What does this mean? Well, if you want to climb the mountain, you will have to do it on weekdays because the park is no longer accepting hikers and organizers who are gunning for a weekend climb. This recent advisory can cause a lot of inconvenience for students and workers who are only free for outdoor treks during the weekends.

In their advisory, the park posted, "To all hikers and organizers: Please be informed that all weekends for the months of January to April are fully booked. Slots remaining for ascent to Mt. Pulag are on weekdays. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you!"
Mountain climbers watching the sun's rays play among the clouds atop Mt. Pulag. Image credit: anna_d via Flickr.