Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thousands Of Kilos Of Double-Dead Meat (Botcha) Confiscated At The Baguio City Public Market

On Thursday morning (December 18), combined elements of the Baguio City Veterinary Office and the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) of the Mayor's Office confiscated 4,408 kilos of double-dead meat during an operation at the Baguio City Public Market.

Commonly referred to as botcha or bocha, double-dead meat is meat from poultry or livestock that have died due to disease. When consumed, the meat can cause diarrhea, food poisoning, stomach aches, and other illnesses.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), consumers can spot double-dead meat through the following signs: pale color with greenish or bluish tint, has sticky consistency, foul-smelling, and often has very low price tags. The buying public is also warned about vendors selling good meat mixed with double-dead ones.
Image credit: James Cortez