Monday, November 24, 2014

8-Year-Old Student In Baguio City Dies After Being Accidentally Hit With A Baseball Bat

A young student in Baguio City has died last Saturday (November 22) after being accidentally hit in the head with a baseball bat. The victim has been identified as Clyde Ivan Luke Samson, a Grade 3 pupil at the Baguio Central School (BCS). The fellow student who accidentally hit him was not identified.

Police investigation showed that Samson went to school that Saturday to attend an enhancer class. On the same day, baseball players from the same school were practicing in preparation for the upcoming Palarong Panlungsod. One of the players was practicing and was about to hit a ball thrown at him when Samson ran across him and got hit in the head. Samson was reportedly running to pick up something near the baseball player.

Right after the incident, Samson collapsed and started throwing up blood. He was quickly rushed to the Baguio General Hospital (BGH) but he was declared dead on arrival. He suffered serious injuries to the head.

According to the police, although the player is not criminally liable for the accident, his parents and the school administration might be held liable for what happened. The victim's mother was overseas when the incident happened.
The Cordilleran Sun file photo.