Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three New Stills From Above The Clouds, An Upcoming Movie Set In The Cordillera Mountains

There's a reason why not too many film directors are keen on shooting films in the Cordilleras. The rugged terrain is just not conducive to both film crew and equipment. But one independent film director took his chances and braved the barriers. He even upped the challenge by filming at no other than the highest mountain in the region - Mount Pulag.

Last September, director Pepe Diokno announced via Facebook that his movie Above The Clouds is finally finished. The project took several years to complete. Diokno told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that it took him two years to pen the script, two years to raise funds, one year to shoot, and more than half a year in post-production. 

Above The Clouds tells the story of a young man (Ruru Madrid) sent to live with his estranged grandfather (Pepe Smith) after losing his parents in a tragic flood. Still battling the effects of his great loss, the boy becomes withdrawn and prefers isolating himself from the people around him.

Concerned about his grandson, the grandfather decided to take him hiking up a mountain, the same mountain that the young boy's parents climbed in the past. Therein starts a journey of realizations and discoveries that will either help the two cope with their grief or cause them to grow even further apart.

Above The Clouds will be making its screening debut in the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan which will run from October 23 to 31. The film will be competing with 9 other films from all over Asia in the festival's Asian Future category. Check out three stills from the movie below. All photos courtesy of Diokno via Facebook.

Above The Clouds is Diokno's second film. The budding director made some waves in 2009 with his first film Engkwentro which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Diokno ended up being awarded the Lion of the Future Award for Best Debut Film.