Friday, August 15, 2014

Councilor Faustino Olowan Wants The Athletic Bowl To Be Used For Sports Only. Why?

Baguio City councilor Faustino Olowan, during a council session, raised the motion that the Baguio City Athletic Bowl be used for sports activites only. According to him, the area should only be utilized by athletes because it carries the name Athletic Bowl.

With such reasoning, the Melvin Jones Football Grounds should only be used by footballers and the Burnham Park Skating Rink should only be used by skaters.

To use the Athletic Bowl for sports activities only is unwise and that's putting it mildly. For it to be utilized only by athletes is selfish.

What's wrong with using the area for non-sport activities? Every citizen of Baguio City should be afforded the privilege to use and enjoy the area.

If councilor Olowan is worried about damage being done to the Bowl due to non-sport activities, banning such activities is not the answer. A much better alternative would be to come up with rules and policies that determine which activities will be allowed and which will be prohibited.

It's common sense. If a group wants to stage a motorcycle competition in the Bowl (like they did a few years ago at the Melvin Jones Football Grounds), then it should not be allowed. But if the senior citizens of Baguio City ask to use the Bowl for a convention (as they often do), then let them use the place. What damage could our older folks possibly do to the place.
The bottomline is that everyone should be given the chance to use the Bowl. But there should be rules and regulations to police the activities being staged there.