Saturday, August 30, 2014

Controversy On Miss Baguio Beauty Pageant Emerges Just A Day After Coronation Night

A lass named Christine Joy Picardal was crowned Miss Baguio 2014 on the night of August 29 at the Baguio Convention Center. Ms. Picardal bested 29 other candidates from various barangays in the city. Or did she? Just a day after coronation night, rumors circulated online that the results of the pageant were rigged.

These rumors gained more teeth when Maricel "Marang" Morales, a former beauty queen and reportedly one of the judges for Miss Baguio 2014, posted on her Facebook account a rant about her dissatisfaction on the pageant's other judges.

If by any chance you can't view the photo above, here's what Morales posted "To pageant organizers, i hope you will find time to really find out if the judges you trust to pick a deserving lady to be crowned as a queen is honest enough and without personal vested interests or just does it for the heck of it! Being a judge is a big task for it is in their hands that a girl's life and fate may be changed. I have been there once and know exactly how it feels to be a candidate and the hurdles they have to endure and surpass. Kung mga "kupal" at "manyak" pwede ba, maawa kayo sa mga babae! At sa mga nagluluto ng pageant, MAHIYA KAYO! kahit sa mga sarili nyo lang! Sayang lang effort ng mga bata! Leche!"