Sunday, June 29, 2014

Official Records Say Congressman Aliping Doesn't Own Properties In Mt. Sto. Tomas

Well, this is getting more and more interesting. According to the municipality of Tuba's official records, Congressman Nicasio Aliping Jr. does not own any property in the Mt. Sto. Tomas watershed and forest reserve. Carmelita Samonte, an employee at the municipal assessor's office stated that Tuba's treasury and real property records don't indicate that Aliping has any property there.

Instead, the 5-hectare area where the road project was conducted was registered as land claims of Felimon Coyupan and Rosalie Leistner. Feling de Leon, Coyupan's daughter has stated that Aliping bought his father's property. Lesitner's property was also allegedly bought by the solon.

This development muddles the case even more. And more lies by Aliping being exposed. It can be recalled that weeks ago, Aliping mentioned on TV Patrol Northern Luzon that the road project in Mt Sto. Tomas was by his brother currently residing in the United States. However, several media reports stated that the Congressman himself owns the property in Sto. Tomas. And that he has a resort being developed there.

Which is which? What is really the truth? Making matters worse is Aliping's continued silence on the issue. He even failed to attend two technical conferences wherein decent discussions should've been held between him and the concerned agencies. However, the fact remains that hundreds of trees have been either cut or burned. The road project cut through mountain slopes opening them up for possible erosions. And sources of water for communities in Baguio City and Tube were either damaged or polluted. In fact, the Baguio Water District said that two of the springs that were damaged can no longer be restored to their original state because they've been permanently damaged.
A portion of the road project in Sto. Tomas. Photo by the Cordillera Conservation Trust