Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Updates On Road Altercation In Baguio City

A video of a taxi driver having a shouting match with some people in a street in Baguio City has gone viral on Facebook. Click here to watch the video. It's a nasty altercation but it's hard to know which between the two parties is in the wrong. The taxi driver is heard cursing but so are the the people he is arguing with.

The uploader of the video has posted another clip on Facebook which shows what looks like to be footage of what transpired before the first video. Both parties are hurling invectives against each other. Who's fault it is? It's hard to know. The video, at least in the most part, shows the side of the people arguing with the driver. Watch the second video below. We repeat, it looks like the events in this new footage shows what has transpired before the original video.

Also, the altercation has been covered by the local media with ABS-CBN reporter Ada Sibayan interviewing the two parties. So we should be able to learn what really happened. Catch the report on ABS-CBN News.