Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Best Igorot-Inspired Digital Art You'll Ever See (Photos)

These digital artworks by a Manila-based artist are nothing short of amazing. You have got to respect the impeccable attention to details. Hats off to the artist who goes by the username squeegool on Deviant Art. All these great pieces of work are his and you can check out more of his awesomeness here. Get more updates about his work from his Tumblr blog here.

There's not a lot of artists out there who choose to use the Igorot culture as themes in their works. There's only a handful of them. One of them is Jeff Cablog, an artist who hails from the town of Barlig in Mt. Province. There's also Jordan Mang-usan, a Cordilleran artist currently based in La Trinidad, Benguet. You can see many of Mang-usan's work at the Tam-Awan Village in baguio City.

Mang-usan is a unique artist with the fact that he uses the sun and a magnifying glass to create his masterpieces.