Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Mummified Cat of Kabayan, Benguet

This is a photo of a mummified cat. I took the picture from a book titled The Kabayan Mummies and the Bendiyan Canao. This was a book published way back in 1989 and authored by Florentino S. Merino, then Kabayan's elected Mayor.

This is the first time that I've learned that our ancestors in Kabayan didn't just mummify human remains. Apparently, they also mummified cats. The most well-known practitioners of cat mummification are the ancient Egyptians. It's very interesting to learn that the ancient Ibaloys of Kabayan possibly practiced cat mummification as well.

Unfortunately, the photo is not very clear. It's an old book. Furthermore, the author didn't say anything about the mummified cat in the book.

So I'm curious. Where is the mummy now? Is there a clearer photo that we can possibly document?

Can anybody in Kabayan or anyone who has been to the Kabayan Museum offer additional information about this particular cat mummy? Do they have other photos of this mummy?