Monday, October 4, 2021

To One Asking for a Song by Salud M. Del Rosario (Poem) - Literary Analysis

To One Asking for a Song is a very short poem by Salud M. del Rosario. It's about the process of musical inspiration. The speaker in the poem could be a singer, a musician, or a composer. The poem is directed towards someone requesting for a tune. 

For a musician to come up with a proper melody, he has to be inspired. In this regard, if you are going to ask a musician for a song, you have to at least inspire him. Give him a reason why you deserve a tune.

To One Asking for a Song
by Salud M. del Rosario

You ask me to make a melody?
Then set my soul a-dreaming:
Let me feel the soft winds blowing,
Let me see the mountains rolling,
Let me hear the night bird calling.
Then I'll sing my melody.