Thursday, September 30, 2021

Last Love by J.D. Mariposa (Poem) - Literary Analysis

I was randomly sent this poem by a random stranger via email. The sender said she's writing an essay about the poem for her literature class and she wanted to know what I thought of it. When I got to the end of the poem, I felt like I just chewed bubble gum. The poem's too sweet for its own good. It's all rainbows and butterflies. But then again, maybe that's the point the poet was trying to make.

I can see why teenagers would go over the moon for a poem of this nature. I can picture a 12-year-old me secretly copying this poem and giving it to a girl-crush as an attempt to impress. I searched for J.D. Mariposa on Google to see if she (or he) has other poems I can check out. Because it would be unfair to judge her (or him) based on a single poem. This is where it becomes strange. I can't find other poems by the poet. Most of the results reference this one single poem.

So I got back to the email sender and asked if she wrote the poem herself. She said no. She said a friend forwarded it to her and she liked it and she wanted to write an essay about it. I didn't do any further digging. So all I know about this J.D. Mariposa is basically this poem. If anyone knows J.D. or has copies of her (or his) other poems, shoot me an email. I'd be happy to read them.

Last Love
by J.D. Mariposa

Best of friends
together took a leap
Now true friends
ahh! feelings run deep
Two hearts fused
hands ever entwined

Ti's all worth the wait
to care for one as kindly
Never never too late
to love but not blindly

So, to you my friend first,
my last love, i say
I'll be true every and
each of my waking day!

Notes and Analysis

- The poem pretty much explains and analyzes itself. It's an affirmation of the greatness of love and the feelings that serve as its roots. The poem runs like a story. The two subjects became "best of friends" then they "took a leap" to become more than best of friends. They graduated to being "true friends". I take this to mean being lovers.

The last stanza is a promise by the speaker to be a "last love". That means offering his/her affections each of his/her "waking day". That's a win for love.