Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Kabayan To Close All Tourism Sites As Preventive Measure Against Threat Of Novel Coronavirus

In an advisory dated February 12, 2020, the town of Kabayan in Benguet announced that they are closing all tourism sites as well as suspending all tourism activities within the town as a preventive measure against the threat of the Novel Coronavirus. The shutting down of tourist sites will take effect on February 24.

Tourism activities within the town are still allowed until February 23. However, all tourists and tour organizers/coordinators are requested to abide with the executive order which urges them to declare that they haven't traveled to countries wherein there were confirmed cases of the virus. They will only be allowed to enter the town with the proper disclosure.

A week ago, the town cancelled their Date with the Peak event which was supposed to happen on February 25 to 27. This trek was supposed to take trekkers to Mt. Pulag via the Tawangan Trail.

Photo by Daniel Ted C. Feliciano
Aside from Mt. Pulag, other tourism sites in Kabayan include Mt. Tabayoc, the four Mystical Lakes, and a few ancient burial caves.