Monday, November 28, 2016

Panagbenga Flower Festival 2017 Schedule Of Events

The main events scheduled for next year's Panagbenga Festival have been finalized. The Baguio Flower Festival Foundation has recently released the calendar of activities and it contains the usual fare (i.e. Grand Street Parade, Grand Float Parade, Session Road in Bloom). The festivities will carry the theme "Inspired By Beauty, Nurtured By Nature". The festival was launched last November 14 during a press conference at the Baguio City Multipurpose Hall. This will be the 22nd edition of the annual festival.

As per tradition, the festival will open on February 1 with an opening program and parade. The highlights of the celebrations are the Grand Street Parade and Grand Float Parade to be held on February 25 and 26, respectively. Closing ceremonies will be on March 5. In the evening of the closing day, Baguio folks will be treated to a fireworks display.

Check out the schedule of events below. Note: these are merely the main events. They don't include other events organized by third parties (communities, groups, business establishments). [Update: The Grand Street Dancing Parade on the 25th will end at the Baguio City Athletic Bowl, not at the Melvin Jones Grandstand.]
The Cordilleran Sun file photo.
February 1
Panagbenga Opening Day Ceremonies and Parade
Panagbenga Park, Session Road, Magsaysay Ave, Harrison Road, Melvin Jones Grandstand

February 1 - March 5
Baguio Blooms Exposition and Exhibition
Juan Luna and Lake Drive
February 12
Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio
Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
February 15
School Based Competitions
Baguio City Multipurpose Hall/BCNHS City-Wide (Elementary and High Schools)
February 17-19
PMA Alumni Homecoming Weekend
Philippine Military Academy
February 17
Flower Tee Open Golf Tournament
Baguio Country Club
February 25-26
Exhibitors Day
Ganza Parking Area 

(former Jadewell)

February 25
Grand Street Parade
Panagbenga Park>Session Road>Magsaysay Ave>Maharlika>Harrison Road>Melvin Jones Football Grounds
February 26
Grand Float Parade
DILG>Session Road>Maharlika>Harrison Road>Melvin Jones Grandstand
February 27-March 5
Session Road In Bloom
Session Road
March 4
Pony Boys Day

Wright Park
March 5
Closing Ceremonies and Awarding
Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
March 5
Grand Fireworks Display
City-Wide: 5 Stations