Friday, March 4, 2016

Portion Of Halsema Highway In La Trinidad To Be Closed On March 18 And 19 (Morning Hours)

The office of the municipal mayor in La Trinidad has released a public advisory informing motorists and commuters that a significant portion of the Halsema Highway running through the town will be closed at certain hours on March 18 and 19. This road closure will give way to scheduled events that are part of the month-long Strawberry Festival. On March 18, Kilometer 3 to Kilometer 5 (Bell Church to McDonalds) will be partially closed from 6:45 am to 11:00 am to give way to the civic parade.

On March 19, the same stretch of highway will be partially closed from 6:45 am to 12:00 pm to give way for the Street Dancing, Mini-Float, and Drum and Lyre Competitions scheduled for the day.

Because of the road closure, motorists are being advised to take the following alternate routes:

Motorists bound for Baguio City coming from Northern Benguet:
1. Shilan-Beckel-Lamut-Baguio Road
2. Shilan-Tawang-Ambiong-Baguio Road
3. Longlong-Tamawan-Baguio Road

Motorists bound for Northern Benguet from Baguio City
1. Baguio-Bontoc Road (National Road-One Lane)
2. Baguio-Ambiong Tawang Shilan Road
3. Baguio-Beckel Shilan Road
4. Baguio-Tamawan-Puguis Road
The portion of Halsema Highway in front of the La Trinidad Municipal Hall. Photo: Daniel Feliciano/The Cordilleran Sun