Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why Is There A Railing Blocking This Pedestrian Lane In Baguio City (Zandueta Street)?

A pedestrian lane is supposed to be an unobstructed section of the street where people can cross safely. This is not the case at all at a pedestrian lane along Zandueta Street in Baguio City. Onie Felizco took a photo of said pedestrian lane and posted it on Facebook. Where the markings of the lane start, a railing that measures about two meters obstructs pedestrians. People who wish to cross will have to make their way around the railing.

Whatever happened to common sense?

Now, we don't know which was built first on that area of the street. The railing or the pedestrian lane? Whichever is the case, that railing has no business standing there and obstructing people who want to cross the street. I think that the railing was already there before that section was turned into a pedestrian lane. Which means whoever put that pedestrian lane there was either too lazy to remove the railing or simply didn't care.

The pedestrian lane looks like it has been there for a while. Which brings us the question: When will those in power and the agency concerned roll up their sleeves and do something about it?
Image credit: Onie Felizco via Facebook