Friday, October 9, 2015

Schedule Of BENECO Power Interruption For October 12 To October 16

Some parts of Baguio City and the nearby towns of La Trinidad, Sablan, Tuba, Itogon, and Kibungan will be experiencing scheduled power interruptions from October 12 to October 16. Check out the schedule below to see if your area is going to be affected and on what dates the interruptions will occur.

October 12, Monday, 9 am to 5 pm - [Inselbeg-Lubas, La Trinidad], [Parts of Sumulong Street - Holy Ghost Proper, Baguio City]

October 13, Tuesday, 9 am to 5 pm - [Woodsgate Subdivision - Camp 7, Baguio City], [Kalinga Pelota - Camp 7, Baguio City], [Parapad Shenet Road - North Sanitary Camp, Baguio City], [Brookspoint near Brookspoint Elementary School - Baguio City], [Whole of Greenwater, parts of Military Cut-off, Nevada Square, Baguio City], [Sabdang Road and parts Poblacion - Sablan], [Richview Square Subdivision - Bakakeng Sur/Norte, Baguio City]

October 14, Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm - [Sitio Bastian, Sitio Mangga, Sitio Torre - Camp 3, Tuba], [Sitio Tamocmoc, Sitio Depting, Labilab - Loacan, Itogon], [Baguio General Hospital, University of the Philippines, Upper Gov. Pack Road, Home Sweet Home CICM, Phil-Am, BGH Compound - Baguio City]

October 15, Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm - [Belong, Conocon, Dutaan, Baayan, Tuel, Batwag, Datakan, Lomon, Gadang, Sagubo, Pudong, Bolinsak, Taba-ao, Abiang and - Whole of Kibungan]

October 16, Friday, 9 am to 6 pm - [Cabanao, Capitol, Kesbeng, Kangas Road, Samoyao, Camp Dangwa, Alapang down to Balmuco Pumping Station, Samoyao, Peril Alno, Balluay, Bagong, Botot, Bayuga, Banengbeng, Bahong, Tomay, Triniville, BENECO-Warehouse, Sadag, Tality Payew, Koneg Alno, Part of Camp Dangwa, Botted Tawang]