Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Advisory By The Office Of Civil Defense Cordillera On What To Do In Case Of Landslides

The Office of the Civil Defense - Cordillera has provided the following public advisory on what to do before, during, and after landslides. Due to its mountainous terrain, residential areas within the Cordillera region are often prone to erosion and landslides. Be guided by these tips.

1. Monitor the signs of an impending landslide like cracks in concrete floors and walls, leaning trees, poles, and retaining walls, and rumbling sound which increasingly becomes louder.
2. Monitor the daily weather condition and evacuate as soon as possible if your area is landslide prone and experiencing continuous rainfall.
3. Know the location of your evacuation centers and escape routes.

1. When indoors in a landslide area, and there is no time to evacuate, stay inside and hide under a sturdy and stable object like table or desk.
2. When caught outdoors, stay away from the path of the landslide.
3. Go to the nearest higher ground.
4. Run towards the direction of the back of trees or buildings when you see approaching rock and soil.
5. If it is impossible to avoid the landslide, assume fetal position and cover your head.

1. Stay away from the landslide area because secondary landslide may occur.
2. Know if there are casualties or people trapped near landslide areas and report it to proper authorities.
3. Initiate rescue operations if capable.
4. Keep updated regarding latest bulletin on landslide.
5. Check power and water supply lines for damages and remedial works.
Image credit: Office of Civil Defense Cordillera Administrative Region