Tuesday, June 16, 2015

9-Hour Brownout For Parts Of Baguio, La Trinidad, Sablan, Tublay, And Tuba On June 18

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has served a notice of a scheduled shutdown of some of its transmission facilities. This is to accommodate the request of the Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO) to activate single metering in some of its substations.

Because of the shutdown of some of the transmission facilities, large parts of Baguio City and nearby Benguet towns are going to experience power interruption on June 18 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The affected areas are as follows:
1. The whole town of Sablan - Poblacion, Bayabas, Banangan, Banengbeng, Kamog, Bagong, Pappa, and Balluay
2. The whole town of La Trinidad (except Beckel).  The barangays of Pico, Balili, Poblacion, Tawang, Puguis, Betag, Ambiong, Lubas, Wangal, Bahong, Shilan, Alapang, Cruz, Alno, and Bineng will be affected by the power interruption.
3. Parts of Tuba - Taloy Sur, Tadiangan, San Pascual, Poblacion, Nangalisan, Taloy Norte
4. Parts of Caponga, Tublay
5. Parts of Baguio City - Pinsao Pilot Project, Victoria Village, Dontogan, Lower General Luna, Quezon Hill Proper, Dominican Mirador, Mrr - Queen Of Peace, Imelda R. Marcos, Central Guisad, Upper Quezon Hill, Middle Quezon Hill, Fairview, Lourdes Extension, Irisan, San Roque Village, Sto. Tomas School Area, Cresencia Village, Palma- Urbano, City Camp Central, City Camp Proper, Kayang Extension, Dizon Manzanillo Barangay, Bakakeng Central, Campo Filipino, Lower Rock Quarry, Camp Henry I. Allen, Upper Rock Quarry, Upper Q.M., Sto. Rosario Valley, Ferdinand, Sto. Tomas Proper, Bakakeng Norte/Sur, Pinget, Upper Market Subdivision, Pacdal, South Sanitary Camp, East Quirino Hill, West Quirino Hill, Magsaysay Private Road, Happy Homes - Lucban, and Lower Quirino Hill.

The following areas are also affected - Teodora Alonzo, Padre Burgos, Kayang Hilltop, Kabayanihan, Azcko, Andres Bonifacio, Middle Quirino Hill, Lower Magsaysay, Engineer'S Hill, Burnham - Legarda, Session Road - Governor Pack Road, Salud Mitra, Lower Q.M. Gen. Aguinaldo, Cabinet Hill / Teacher'S Camp, Alfonso Tabora, Camdas, Harrison - Claudio Carantes, Bagong Lipunan, New Lucban, Upper Magsaysay, Padre Zamora, Sto. Nino - Slaughter Compd, Lower Lourdes Subdivision, Bayan Park - Village, Malcolm Square, Holyghost Extension, Rizal Monument, West Modernsite, Brookspoint, Saint Joseph Village / Navy Base, M. Roxas, Asin, San Luis Village, Lourdes Subdivision Proper, Middle Rock Quarry, Pinsao Proper, Guisad Surong, Upper General Luna, Imelda Village, Kagitingan, Honeymoon - Holyghost, Trancoville, Holyghost Proper, East Bayan Park, Brookside, West Bayan Park - Leonila Hill, and South Central Aurora Hill.
The Cordilleran Sun file photo.
BENECO identified the following as the reasons for the power interruption:
-Line works along La Trinidad-Calot 69kV Line
-Retirement/ retrieval of existing metering points of Beneco T1 (50MVA) and Beneco T2 (20MVA) -Activation of single metering at North Sanitary Camp Substation
-Replacement of rotten primary pole along Rimando road
-Replacement of rotten pole and installation of intermediate pole near convention center
-Extension of 1-span primary line at Leonard wood road (The Camp)
-Replacement of damaged primary pole along Naguillan road