Tuesday, April 7, 2015

British Tourist In Sagada Injured After Falling Inside Sumaguing Cave

A piece of advice for tourists planning on journeying into the bowels of any of the popular caves in Sagada: watch your every step. A single misstep can lead to a broken bone, a dislocated ankle, or worse drowning.

Last Monday, a British tourist identified by the NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) as a certain Derrick Walter White lost his footing inside Sumaguing cave and fell. The 57-year-old tourist incurred injuries because of the incident. He was rescued and then brought to the St. Theodore's Hospital for treatment. His injuries were serious enough to merit his transfer for further treatment at the Luis Hora Hospital in Abatan, Bauko.

In light of the incident, tourists venturing into the caves of Sagada are being advised to be extra careful when navigating through the caves. It can be recalled that more than a year ago, a female tourist inside Sumaguing cave fell and drowned after being carried away by the current.

Needless to say, watch where your foot goes whenever you're inside the caves. And always pay attention to what the guides are saying especially those pertaining to safety precautions.
A section of the popular Sumaguing Cave. Photo by Neal Johnson via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).