Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nan Layad Nan Likatan Song (Lyrics And Videos)

Nan Layad Nen Likatan Song Lyrics (Kankana-ey)
by Pedro Chinalpan

Nan layad ensikhafan, Tet-ewa’y sikhab
Layad ay nenlikatan, Nar-os cha am-in.

Seg-ang yangkay nan wad-ay, Sik-a et achi mampay
Ya ngag kasin ta angnen, Nar-os cha’t am-in.

San enta nenfowekhan, Ad-im ngen semken
San enta nenpachangan, Nar-os cha am-in

Layad ta’y chachama
Ento pay kasin chachi, Nar-os cha’t am-in.

Tak-en mo mimowasan, Someg-ang ka man
Ta kasin ta lomanen, San layad ta’y chwa.

San layad ta’y chachama, Wedwecha’s fangonen ta
Ta’t ampay en-among ta, Omafong ta’y chwa.

English translation:
Note: This translation is from a literature book of the Saint Louis University.
The love of a lifetime, It's really full of hardship
The love which has been labored, It's all in the past

Commitment and care are all, That exist now
What else can we do, It's all in the past

The time when we were together, Can't you reminisce them?
The time when we had helped each other, It's all in the past

Take on me, Let's reflect once more
Our love with each other

Our love so true, Let us again awaken
Let's come together finally and get married

Our love so true, Every hardship that we faced
It's all in the past


An here's another version with somewhat slightly different lyrics: