Thursday, February 5, 2015

Policemen In Kibungan, Benguet Destroy Jacks And Molder Used In Packing Marijuana Bricks

Law enforcers in the town of Kibungan in Benguet continue their campaign to rid the town of an unflattering reputation that has dogged the region for so many years - that as a hotbed for marijuana plantations, manufacturers and distributors.

Just recently, the Kibungan Municipal Police Station (KMPS) conducted a series of eradication raids on several plantation sites in barangay Badeo which led to the destruction of thousands of the illegal plants. Also confiscated from one of the sites are equipment and contraptions that are used to dry and mold the prohibited plants into bricks or blocks.

Among the contraptions confiscated were jacks and a molder. These are what the growers use to turn the plants into bricks before transporting them out of the town. These were later burned and destroyed by the Kibungan police. The recent burning of the mold was led by Police Senior Inspector Andres Calaowa of the municipal police station.

Personnel from the station also conducted civic activities in barangay Badeo. At the local elementary school, they lectured on anti-bullying, crime prevention and safety tips, and the ill effects of either cultivating or using the prohibited plants. They also attended a barangay council meeting to discuss  the roles of barangay officials in the anti-illegal drug campaign.

Below are photos from the site where the policemen destroyed the molder they confiscated during one of their eradication raids. All photos courtesy of the Kibungan Municipal Police Station.